Pastor Jimmy & Marsha Boatright

Liberty Lighthouse Fellowship was organized in September of 2004.  We began with services being held in the Johnson City Community Building and in our homes.  Our name came easy because we knew that we were called to be a lighthouse to the Hill Country and we definitely were a fellowship.  "Liberty" came from our need to be free to worship individually or corporately.

By October of 2003, the Lord blessed us with our previous home at 706 West Main Street on Highway 290 West.  We purchased the property, remodeled the sanctuary and kitchen to our needs, moved in portable buildings for Hope School and Sunday School. Realizing that more room was needed, the search for another site began.  Our previous building service us well, and we thank God for His provision. 


In early 2007, God blessed us with a beautiful ten-acre proeprty on Old River Crossing Road where we held the graound breaking ceremony in September of the same year.  The slab was poured on Februraty 06, 2008, after thousands of scriptures were planted in the foundation.  Literally anywhere you walk or stand today, or on any given day, you will be standing on God's Word.  Thousands of hours, tremendous expertise and equipment, and many gifts were donated to this project by many men and women.


For over nine years we have been housed in this beautiful 20,000 square foot facility.  We give God absolute and total glory for what He has done, and we pray daily that we are full of His Holy Spirit and Truth so that we can not only do, but excel in any expectation He has for us.